Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
20 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
10 entries
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Steve Beam Cutting Class
Also published here 2
Steve Beam Rub Away Vanish - Tips & Tweaks on the Rub-A-Dub-Dub
  • The Original
  • Tip #1: The Far Side
  • Tip #2: The Flash
  • Tip #3: Turning Point
  • Tip #4: On the Diagonal
  • Tip #5: Dropping the Deck
  • Tip #6: The Lean
  • Tip #7: The Massage
  • Tip #7: Time Misdirection
  • Tip #8: Facing Skyward
  • Variation #1: Face-Up
  • Variation #2: The Two-legged Table
  • Variation #3: Leg Man
Also published here 4
Steve Beam Optical Illusion doll hand vanishes, with eye ball gag
Inspired by 8
Steve Beam The Color Changing Card Case
Also published here 8
Steve Beam The Underhand Shuffle
Also published here 11
Steve Beam The Shuffle distribution of four cards to top/bottom/center/center
Also published here 12
Steve Beam, Mike Beam Beam's Choice production of four of a kind, pivot out of the deck
  • The Optional Fifth Revelation
Also published here 13
Steve Beam Double Dealer two cards at numbers, with incomplete riffle shuffle condition, Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control
Also published here 17
Joe Mogar Sucker Punch four thimbles vanish in hand
Also published here 19
Joe Mogar The Macho Vanish four thimbles vanish one by one
Also published here 19
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