Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
70 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
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Steve Beam Counter Attack
Steve Beam The Third Finger Buckle packet held in right-hand end grip, third finger buckles bottom card
  • The Partial Packet Switch (Veeser type switch)
Also published here 7
Steve Beam The Beamsley Count aka the Maeb-y Count, includes the Third Finger Buckle
Also published here 12
Steve Beam The Steam Count Jordan Count alternative, third finger buckle
Also published here 14
Steve Beam Unbuckled Count third finger buckle applied to buckle count
Related to 15
Steve Beam Head Count combination of Beamsley Count and Flushtration Count
Steve Beam The Body Count combination of Beamsley Count with flushing some of the faces
Related to 18
Steve Beam The Two-Flusher Count kind of a Gemini Count, end grip
Steve Beam The Flash Card Count
  • Two Show Four Different Cards as Two Pairs of Identical Cards
  • Two Show Four Different Cards as One Odd and Three Identical Cards
  • Two Show Five Different Cards to Consist of One Odd and Four Identical Cards
Steve Beam Counter Measures - The Killer Count method to false count packet for any number, with Hamman Count
  • Even Number
  • Variation #1 - Even Number
  • Variation #2 - Even Number
  • Finesse
  • Large Numbers
  • Boomerang (Doug Canning)
  • The Hamman Switch
Also published here 23
Scott Robinson The Perfect Shuffle fake down-under deal, Ace through Five packet stays in same order despite the deal
  • Preferred Handling (Steve Beam, third finger buckle)
Inspired by 31
Steve Beam Bon Voyage group of cards shown to be mixed, then later all paired up by mates
Also published here 33
Steve Beam Back to Aces all backs with four cards, one by one they change into Aces
Also published here 37
Steve Beam The Flip Flop Display as all back display, taking cards from each side
Also published here 37
Steve Beam Testosterone Test red/black order of Aces changes, observation test
Also published here 45
Steve Beam Turning Heads chosen Queen suddenly looks into other direction, credit information
Also published here 48
Steve Beam Twisting the Faces ending for Twisting the Aces done with court cards, one court card looks into other direction
Also published here 55
Steve Beam Quick Change Aces change to Kings and back
  • Optional Opening Sequence
  • Aces to Kings
  • The Finish
Also published here 56
Steve Beam Counterweight multi-phase routine, ending with 51 on 1 card gag, Killer Count
Also published here 61
Steve Beam Cold Cuts shuffle tracking presentation, Ace and number is named and found at position, Killer Count
Also published here 63
Steve Beam Sunny Side Up Killer Count variation that produces a certain card at any number, card or packet or both can be face up
  • Basic Concept
  • In Name Only
  • To Tell The Truth
Inspired by 65
Steve Beam Guys & Dolls story presentation
Inspired byVariations 67
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