Written by Paul Swinford
Work of Paul Swinford
36 pages (Stapled), published by Haines House of Cards
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Paul Swinford Introduction
Martin Gardner The Binary System historical information and punch card sorting applications
  • sorting 32 punch cards in numerical order
  • divining selected number
  • solving logic problem
VariationsAlso published here
  • Scientific American, Dec. 1960
Paul Swinford The Cyberdeck credit information, computer cards precursor, handling with sorting rod
  • Historical Data
  • Design of the Deck
  • Handling and Operating the Deck
Related to
  • "The Computer Cards" & "Three Mysteries with the Computer Cards" (Paul Swinford & Clyde Cairy, marketed item 1966)
Paul Swinford Separating the Suits with sorting rod
Paul Swinford Finding the Card named card is left over after sorting procedure with sorting rod
Paul Swinford Four of a Kind locating any four-of-a-kind with sorting rod
Paul Swinford Let's Play Poker locating any type of poker hand with sorting rod
Paul Swinford Poker Spectacular poker deal with cyberdeck which is stacked with sorting rod, incorporates gag cards Fourteen and Fifteen of Spades
Paul Swinford Binary Bafflers following material from "Three Mysteries with the Computer Cards", using Ace through Fifteen (!) of Spades plus Joker
Paul Swinford Four Impressions one of sixteen cards thought of, packet extracted with sorting rod several times ("Is your card among those?"), Magic Age Cards
Paul Swinford The Discerning Joker one of sixteen cards thought of, packet extracted with sorting rod several times ("Is your card among those?"), Magic Age Cards, selection ends up on top and Joker at position of selection's value, Binarial Transposition
Related to 20
Paul Swinford Transmigration sixteen cards sorted with sorting rod, two people remember one of the cards, their positions transpose after a few sortings, Binarial Transposition
Paul Swinford Impossibility one of sixteen cards thought of, ends up at a chosen position after a few sortings with sorting rod
Paul Swinford Tap-a-Thought one of six cards thought of, value spelled to find it
Paul Swinford Identity Crises two cards selected and put reversed in deck, deck sorted with sorting rod, selections occupy each other's position, "reflected symmetry", with variation
Paul Swinford Spellout deck sorted with sorting rod, all four-of-a-kinds together, spelling through deck with every value
Paul Swinford On Mathematical Magic Tricks
Paul Swinford Gardner Adenda comments on Martin Gardner's article
  • A Problem Solved
  • A Message Retold
Inspired by 31
Paul Swinford Miscellania more on Cyberdeck handling
  • Care and Feeding
  • Concluding Obervations
Paul Swinford Selected References
Paul Swinford About the Author
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