1993 printing used
Written by Jeff Busby
Work of Paul Fox, Various
30 pages (Stapled), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Fox
Language: English
15 entries
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Creators Title Comments & References Page AA Categories
Paul Fox The Miracle Gimmick originally released by Paul Fox in 1947, intro with general comments
  • Preparing the Deck
  • Setting Up the Deck
  • Preparing the Card Case
Variations 1
Paul Fox The Five Card Mental Selection
  • Adding the Gimmick to the Deck
  • Shuffles and Cuts During the Routine
  • A Convincing Subtlety
  • Apparently Calling Off the Cards
  • Locating the Selections in the Proper Squares
  • Zeroing in on the Selection: The Basic "Pumping" System
  • Advanced Subtleties
Variations 6
Jeff Busby Additional Techniques for the Five Card Mental Selection section intro
Paul Fox A Pretty Paul Fox Subtlety
Inspired by 15
Danny Dew Danny Dew's Presentational Tip
Inspired by 16
Jeff Busby, Danny Dew Sleight of Hand Techniques to Shorten the Elimination Process various two-way outs
  • The Top Change
  • The Double Lift
  • Danny Dew's Double in Glass
  • Another Double Lift Handling
Inspired by 16
Faucett Ross The Faucett W. Ross Handling
Inspired byVariations 19
Jeff Busby Another Handling Using the Nail Writer
Inspired by 20
Jeff Busby The Jeff Busby Climax for the Routine one card put in pocket at the beginning turns out to be later selection (prediction kicker, pocket index)
Inspired byRelated to 21
Al Baker Al Baker's Two Person Presentation alone or with medium
Also published here 22
Paul Fox, Jeff Busby Five Card Mental Selection Using Jumbo Cards
  • Setting Up the Jumbo Deck
  • Preparing the Jumbo Card Box
  • Presentation and Working
Paul Fox The One Card Mental Selection with only one spectator
Variations 26
Paul Fox "Do It Again" "Repeating the Five Card Mental Selection or One Card Mental Selection", deck switch
Inspired by 26
Paul Fox Telephone - Tel-A-Card done over the telephone
Jeff Busby Credit Information on the plot
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