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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Paul Fox The Miracle Gimmick originally released by Paul Fox in 1947, intro with general comments
  • Preparing the Deck
  • Setting Up the Deck
  • Preparing the Card Case
Variations 1983 1
Terry LaGerould Lost And Found backwards count as prediction, "Countdown Force"
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1985 560
Thomas Alan Waters Circlet two cards, one with female and one with male symbol, prediction of two cards for a man and a woman, written on the fitting cards
Variations 1985
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Mystyx)
Richard Webster Star Seeker prediction of selected zodiac sign, two sets of sign written on business cards
Variations Nov. 1985
Magick (Issue 361)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Terry Nosek, Alain Gesbert, Tate Elliott, George Vaughn, Ron Pataki, Mark Strivings, Riley G. Matthews, Uri Geller, Richard Busch, Ted Lesley, Jim Magus, Jack Camp, Anton Zellman
Jan. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 7)
Alain Gesbert Orat Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick adjusted to Tartot cards, three cards from the Major Arcana are divined
Inspired by Mar. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 9)
Alain Gesbert The French Prediction backwards count as prediction, "Countdown Force", two Tarot cards predicted written on third card
Inspired by May 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 11)
Alain Gesbert Mental Toons two predictions of symbols
Inspired by June 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 12)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on MOTM, Tony Corinda, Peter Zenner, Kardor, Roy Miller, Jim & Melania Magus, Jack Camp, Kreskin, Alain Gesbert, Les Scheyer, Norm Van Tubergen, Ray Piatt
Aug. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 2)
Alain Gesbert Mynos prediction of selected ESP card, two sets of six cards double climax
Inspired by Feb. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 8)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on Ted Lesley, Richard Webster, Terry Nosek, Bob Baker, Uri Geller, Alain Gesbert, Ralph Monserrat, MOTM
Mar. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 9)
Roy Miller Editor's Log on John Monti, Ron Pataki, James Randi, Alain Gesbert, Uri Geller, CSICOP, Harrison Smith, Richard Busch
Apr. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 10)