Written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
12 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: English
18 entries
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Gary Kurtz Accumulation No. 1 one coin routine, four coin production, coins vanish and are reproduced from spectator, see following entries
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Gary Kurtz Part 1 - The One Coin Routine
Gary Kurtz First Production
  • The Three Stroke Change-Over
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Gary Kurtz Vanish and Reproduction
  • Fingertip Take
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Gary Kurtz Down the Arm coin travels from elbow to hand
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Gary Kurtz The Rebound Pass coin apparently thrown back up in other hand
Also published here 3
Gary Kurtz Down the Arm Vanish - Reproduction From Opposite Elbow
Also published here 3
Gary Kurtz Fingertip Take and Change-over
Also published here 4
Gary Kurtz Reproduction From Behind Right Knee, Through the Leg
Gary Kurtz Coin Through Pocket
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Gary Kurtz Fingertip to Fingertip Shuttle Pass
Gary Kurtz Coin Through the Hand
  • Coin Through Hand Vanish
Gary Kurtz Production from Left Elbow
Gary Kurtz Single Coin Repeat to Vanish
Also published here 7
Gary Kurtz Part 2 - Four four coin production
Gary Kurtz Two for Two Shuttle Pass
Gary Kurtz Part 3 - Too Many Coins - The Four Coins Vanish one by one
Gary Kurtz Part 4 - Four Coin Reproduction From Spectator
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