Written by Tom Stone
Work of Tom Stone
6 pages (Stapled), published by Warg
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Stone
Language: English
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Tom Stone Mittens two signed cards appear inside oven mittens that the performer wears during the effect
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Tom Stone Post Nord signed postcard is supposed to travel from one postbox prop to another in a comedy of errors routine, eventually it found in a sealed envelope elsewhere
Inspired by
  • "The Efficiency Stamp" (Jim Steinmeyer, The Conjuring Anthology, 2006, p. 8)
Tom Stone Paperballs in the Bag one by one four napkins are rolled in a hand into balls and disappear, then they appear in a paper bag that was presented empty, routine incorporating TicTacs
Inspired by 3
Tom Stone White Death blank cards are laid out on table, spectator moves around with marker, later it is shown that he avoided the cards with "death" written on their underside, Himber Wallet
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