224 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles
Language: English
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Eugene Burger, Robert E. Neale Acknowledgements
Also published here iv
Max Maven Foreword
Also published here ix
Eugene Burger Introduction
Also published here xi
1. Conversations
Eugene Burger, Victor Sansoucie Are Magicians Afraid of Magic?
Also published here 1
Eugene Burger, Victor Sansoucie Magic, Comedy and Mystery
Also published here 4
Eugene Burger, Victor Sansoucie Magic and the Bizarre
Also published here 6
Eugene Burger, Victor Sansoucie Finding Ourselves
Also published here 9
Eugene Burger 2. The Magical Experience
  • Expecting the Unexpected
  • Experiencing Surprise
  • Experiencing the Impossible
  • Experiencing the Nonrational
  • Experiencing Mystery
  • What It Means
Also published here 13
Eugene Burger 3. The Shaman's Magic
  • Native American Conjuring
  • Shamans
  • Shamanism and Deception
Also published here 25
Robert E. Neale 4. Early Conjuring Performances
  • The Doll (Cubio)
  • The Bull-roarer
  • The Shaking Tent
  • The Rope
Also published here 39
Eugene Burger 5. Stories of the Origin of Magic
  • Stories of the Beginning
  • The Magic Behind the Magic
  • The Economic-political Theory
  • Shamanism and the Origin of Conjuring
  • Deception in the Animal World
Also published here 57
Robert E. Neale 6. Matinée Magic
  • Matinée
  • Responses to Matinée
  • Sawing a Woman in Two
    • The Horrible Sawing
    • The Humorous Sawing
    • The Holy Sawing
  • Matinée Magic
Also published here 83
Robert E. Neale 7. Tricksters and Real Jokers
  • The Trickster Spirit
    • Images of Trickster
Also published here 101
Robert E. Neale Real Jokers Joker folded in quarters turns inside out, then torn and restored except one quarter
Also published here 106
Robert E. Neale 8. A Potion or Two spectator selects the red pill from row of pills, ten-eleven force
Also published here 121
Eugene Burger 9. Are Card Tricks Card Magic?
  • What is a "Good" Card Trick?
  • The Awareness of "Moves" Murders Magic
  • Can a Spectator Restate the Effect?
  • The Adventures of the Props
  • Card Tricks and Card Magic
Also published here 127
Robert E. Neale 10. Sole Survivor all cards eliminated except the Ace of Spades which represents the plague, epidemic story presentation, using Roy Baker's PATEO Force
Also published here 133
Robert E. Neale 11. Meaning in Magic
  • Literal Demonstration
  • Problems with Literal Demonstration
  • Symbolic Demonstration
  • The Transformation of Magical Demonstration
Also published here 137
Robert E. Neale 12. Parable Magic on Gospel Magic
  • Parables
    • Zen Tales
    • Sufi Tales
    • Modern Tales
  • Truth Beyond Comprehension
  • The Parables of Jesus
Also published here 145
Parable Tricks
Robert E. Neale Parable of the Publican and the Tax Collector packet trick with two cards with pope/pimp written on them
Also published here 154
Ed Mellon Double Turnover paddle move, credit information
Also published here 155
Robert E. Neale Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin spectator finds special coin out of many in a change bag
Also published here 157
Robert E. Neale Parable of the Great Feast
Also published here 158
Robert E. Neale 14. Triskaidekaphobia prime principle force, packet of tarot cards counted to named number until only one card remains
  • Alternative Routine
  • More Facts and Their Sources
Also published here 163
Robert E. Neale 15. Many Magics
  • Primary Magic
  • Secondary Magics
  • Reduced Magics
  • Restored Magics
  • Reflexive Magic
  • Conclusions
Also published here 173
Reflections 2009
Robert E. Neale 16. Magic and Mumbo Jumbo
Robert E. Neale The Pitter Patter Trick Hunter Knot routine
Eugene Burger, Michael Caplan, Jack Gould, Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz, Mike Burke, Robert Charles 17. The Meanings of Magic: A Conversation
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