Written by Vanni Bossi
Work of Vanni Bossi
32 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Vanni Bossi
Language: English
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Vanni Bossi The Surfing Card Stab card placed on ribbon spread stabs card
Vanni Bossi, Frederick Barrington A Good Torn Card Trick
Inspired by 5
Vanni Bossi Light Bulb ala Die Box light bulb travels, including how to make a light bulb shell
Vanni Bossi Impromptu Coin in Bottle Routine
Vanni Bossi Stand Up Coins Through Table threaded coin attached to table
Vanni Bossi It's So Simple? rubber banded deck put in transparent plastic bag, face card transforms into selection
Vanni Bossi "Card Case" Color Change card transforms when touched with case, slit in case
Inspired by 22
Vanni Bossi The Card in the Ring: My Solution to Hofzinser's Last Unsolved Problem card appears rolled inside spectator's ring
Vanni Bossi How to Roll a Card While Handling the Deck
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