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24 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic

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Percy Abbott Preface 4
Ormond McGill Lodge Room Mindreading different performing environments
- The Monthly Lodge Meetings
- The Smoker
- The Annual Convention
- Ladies' Night at the Club
Ormond McGill Secrets of the "Casual" Mentalist on doing a Q&A act, where people know each other 6
Ormond McGill The Mindreading Method selling a mindreading show and getting information by the booker, reading an information card under a crystal ball 7
Ormond McGill Mentalism Moderne club Q&A act structure, humorous comments 9
Ormond McGill Telepathic Drawing drawing duplication on slates 11
Ormond McGill Mindreading for School Assemblies the structure of a Q&A act for students 12
Ormond McGill Theatrical Mindreading 14
Ormond McGill Secrets of the "Theatre" Mentalist set up for Q&A before the show, in theatre setting, specifics of the audience in that venue 14
Ormond McGill A Theatrical Mindreading Act divination of an ESP sign and start of Q&A act by getting a spectator's full name with just having the initials 17
Ormond McGill Answering the Questions examples of answersRelated to 21
Ormond McGill A Climactic Test prediction of sum, flap 23