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The Bottle Imps
Variations 1876 324
The Bottle Imp (Improved.)
Inspired by 1890 350
Cy Keller Shmoology ideas for comic figure "Shmoo", imp bottle, sponge rabbits
June 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 179)
Hans "Marius" Meier Eine Abwandlung des Steh-auf-Fläschchens für den Salon variation of the Imp Bottle
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 4)
Val Andrews, Jean Poisson Black and White ideas and routine for the imp bottle, as a do as I do effect
1967 246
Jean Poisson Jean Poisson's Move taking out the fake and inserting it again
1967 248
Alan Alan A Tip From Alan Alan putting the fake into the bottle
1967 250
Karrell Fox Imp-ossible
1976 53
Edwin An Extra!
1976 54
David Roth Imp-ossible using thread
Dec. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 12)
Sol Stone Imp-Press
Jan. 1991
Apocalypse (Vol. 14 No. 1)
Docc Hilford IMPresario general comments on the Imp Bottle
2002 5
Docc Hilford IMPending Doom finding murder using imp bottle, as bottle with poisson, center tear with dissolvo paper
2002 6
Docc Hilford IMPsycho bottle stands up on spectator's and performer's hand
2002 9
Docc Hilford IMPressive Pasteboards imp bottle as pendulum, finding selected Tarot card
2002 10
Docc Hilford IMPossible wheel on a piece of leather, direction is divined using a imp bottle, clock trick without cards, with convincer by Ed Marlo
2002 12
Jack Avis Imp Bottle Idea
2006 74