Written by Michael Close

Work of Michael Close

66 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Robert D. Michaels.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Close Introduction - About the Material 1
Michael Close, Stewart James Coda Chrome rough smooth 3
Unknown Gambler's Cop position 4
Frank Thompson F.T. Cut brief 5
Michael Close Erma La Fource "Oscar", name on back of card predicted 11
Dai Vernon The Vernon Transfer 15
Michael Close The Imagination Tester origami effect with "bar and bolt" figure 18
Michael Close, Karrell Fox Ruthless Peephole combining cigarette through quarter routine by Karrell Fox and Dan Harlan's Card-toon 28
Michael Close Bloom On Your Hand matchbook cover stands on edge (I.T.R.), match animation 32
Michael Close Cu/Ag/C12H22O11 Thieves and Sheep with sugar packets, double sided packet 38
Michael Close No Sleeves, No Topit clean vanish of salt shaker or similar objectRelated to 42
Michael Close Flying Home multiple phase cards to pocket, based on Carlyle, Williamson and card to fly 44
Unknown Pseudo Duplicate bold type 46
Juan Tamariz, Michael Close The Tamariz Turnover Handling Related to 46
Edward Marlo, Michael Close Misdirection Palm Handling 48
Norman Houghton, Gordon Bruce Pocket Palm credited to Bruce 49
Jeff Busby Card From Pocket Finesse to pivot card away from hand, trouser pocket 50
Michael Close Butte Ox? Two Butte Ox! cards across, Mullica style 55
Dai Vernon, Michael Close Cover for Vernon Palm Transfer 57
Michael Close The First Add-on 58
Edward Marlo The Turnover Palm 60
Unknown The Second Add-on boxing the deck 62
Michael Close The Double Bar 65