Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
31 pages (Stapled), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
16 entries
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Steve Beam Northern Ireland Shuffle variation on the Ireland Red/Black Overhand Shuffle, minimising single card run
Steve Beam The Underhand Shuffle - A Primer
  • The Work
  • Finer Points
  • Why It Works
  • Double Undercut Alternative
  • Top-Stock Only
  • Cutting The Pack
  • Face Up Throw-Off
  • Retaining a Card Near the Center
  • Retaining the Middle Stock
  • Red/Black Shuffle
  • As a Full-Deck Control
Steve Beam Greased Shortening one of five
Also published here 8
Steve Beam The Acquisition Shuffle setting some cards to specific positions
Steve Beam Split False Cut four packets
Also published here 11
Steve Beam Bye Pass Operation
Also published here 15
Steve Beam King of the Hill Control controlling a card above a partial stack
  • Alternative Bottom Control
Also published here 17
Steve Pressley A Cut Below single card control, to the bottom
Also published here 18
Steve Beam Control Center control to the top of the deck
Also published here 19
Steve Beam Internal Control cards biddled into left hand one by one until spectator says stop, then top and bottom slipped off at once, force and control/switch, effect application in which a selection is divined via other cards, all other cards blank or duplicates
Related to 21
Steve Beam Dribble Stud Force bold, turning over both halves
Also published here 25
Steve Beam Cut-Deeper Force - A Sleight Variation
Also published here 26
Steve Beam Bottoms Up Force discrepant
Also published here 27
Steve Beam Another Flipping Force one or multiple cards
  • Multiple Selection
Also published here 28
Steve Beam The Fifth Coincidence
Also published here 29
Steve Beam Forked Fan Force ending with two cards, one eliminated verbally
Also published here 30
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