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Curtis Kam "What's all this, then?"
Curtis Kam "Shirley, you can't be serious" on performance style with many effects, hallucination effect
"But Let Me Say This About that..."
Curtis Kam Spectators, Silk and Silver some comments on plot and transfers
Curtis Kam Bending The Chinese Coin giant coin, bending gag
Curtis Kam Fingertip Wildcoin: Seeing what's not there comment on the effect
Curtis Kam Beijing Coins: The Standing Coins Across three coins across sequence
Also published here 7
Juan Tamariz Click Pass requires at least three visible coins
Also published here 8
Curtis Kam The In Closing Steal coin in left hand tapped with coin in right hand and left hand closes, coin stolen out, edge grip
Curtis Kam Fan Drop Retention Vanish coin fan in right hand, bottom coin is apparently dropped into left hand, mime
Curtis Kam "Watch the Birdies" credit information and various tips
  • Following the Last Coin
  • Going a Little Further...
  • ...or Further...
  • ...or All the Way
  • Just a Moment
Curtis Kam Tales of the Wandering Magician - Part 1
Curtis Kam "Whatever Happened To..." on triple transpositions
Curtis Kam Triple Alliance 2.0
Inspired by
  • "Triple Alliance" (Curtis Kam, Palms of Steel 3: Silverado)
Curtis Kam Tales of the Wandering Magician - Part 2
Curtis Kam "Excellent Birds" two rows, three coins on one side and two on the other, Flying Eagles
  • First Flight: By Way of the Extra Coin
  • Second Flight: The Shuttle-Click procedure
  • Third Flight: The Payoff
  • Mr. Harbottle's Bonus (Kainoa Harbottle)
Curtis Kam "Reality Check Please" with folded handkerchief on table, working behind
Inspired by
  • "Three Coins In the Hat" (Andrew Galloway, The Ramsay Legend, 1969)
Curtis Kam Tales of the Wandering Magician - Part 3
Words: Scripting Tricks
Curtis Kam Stories, Lectures & Games on scripting tricks
Related to 28
Curtis Kam The Las Vegas Dream one of three cards chosen, multiple out prediction
Also published here 33
Curtis Kam A Girl's Best Friend Jumping Gems stick routine, made to look like ear rings
Also published here 35
Curtis Kam The Twenty One Cent Murder Mystery presentation for 21 cent trick
Also published here 38
Curtis Kam Half-Gaffed Hopping Half Hopping Half routine with only copper/silver coin, guessing game, with pocket
Also published here 40
Curtis Kam Money Talks patter themes for coin magic
Curtis Kam Praise The Load cup shown empty, then final load appears, no small ball sequence at all
Curtis Kam This is not the End
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