Written by Benjamin Earl
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101 pages (Hardcover), published by Studio 52
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl Studio52 Aesthetic Philosophy & Manifesto Ten Considerations for Progress, Delight and Mastery
Benjamin Earl Preface
Benjamin Earl Deep Transposition spectator has card in front of him, Ace of Spades lost in deck, deck shuffled, top card tabled, it is now spectator's card who has Ace of Spades in front of him
Paul David One-Hand Shuffle one-handed overhand shuffle, very brief
Also published here
  • Brian Tudor's video "Show Off Vol. 1"
Benjamin Earl Blue Moon Triumph spectator shuffles face-up/face-down, deck cased, then Triumph shown
Related to 15
Benjamin Earl Red Herring Force Variation spectator deals and forces himself a card, no-touch force
Inspired byRelated to 16
Benjamin Earl Octopus one of three cards thought of, or any card with card-to-pocket out, with alternative peek selection procedure
Neal Elias Elias Multiple Shift swing cut
Benjamin Earl Advanced Loewy Palm getting into position one-handed, end grip take
Related to 35
Benjamin Earl The Shuffle Pass Mahatma Pass handling with optical shuffle
Benjamin Earl Touch, Think spread held up and spectator asked to think of one, actually only one option à la Dani
Benjamin Earl Always Shuffle! "A fundamental assertion about deceptive card control"
Benjamin Earl The Art of Practice static balance drills
  • Secret Balancing
  • Foot Circles
  • Knee Raises
  • Circular Balance Board
  • Eyes Closed
Benjamin Earl Influence and Deception chapter intro
Simon Henderson It's (Not) The Real Thing
  • Introduction
  • All Deception and All Magic is Imperfect
  • Discrepancies and Dowels
  • Types of Anomaly
  • What is Gut-feel?
  • The Active Stance
  • What Makes Anomalies Conspicuous
  • Spectators, Suspicions, and Solutions
  • How to Increase Deceptive Potency
  • Two Exercises for Practicing Counter-Deception
  • Summary
  • References
Simon Henderson Anomalies in Double Lifts
  • Anomalies in Beginner's Double Lift
  • Anomalies in Push-Off Double Lift
Benjamin Earl Afterword
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