Written by Jamy Ian Swiss
Work of Jamy Ian Swiss
254 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
40 entries
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Jamy Ian Swiss Acknowledgements
Adam Gopnik Foreword
Cannon Fodder
Jamy Ian Swiss Hacked to Death
Jamy Ian Swiss What Works
Also published here 21
Jamy Ian Swiss How Do We Insult Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Also published here 29
Jamy Ian Swiss Critical Thinking
Neil Gaiman Email from a Friend
Also published here 45
Jamy Ian Swiss Dichotomies: Mentalism versus Mental Magic
  • Clarity of Effect
  • The Method is Not The Trick
  • Mental Magic
  • The Revelation of Thinking
  • Process and Derren Brown
  • Minor Processes
  • Process versus Procedure
  • More on Process: From Psychic to Psychologist
  • Predictions Are Mental Magic
Also published here 46
Jamy Ian Swiss Escape Artistry movies The Prestige & The Illusionist
Also published here
  • Smoke & Mirrors #4, June 2012
Jamy Ian Swiss Al Flosso: Coney Island Fakir
  • From the Land of Malagoola
  • The Affus-Gaffus
  • Snadda, Madda Goola, Beef Stewla, Lolla-Paloola! Nobody Sleeps When I Work!
  • King of Koins
  • The Closer You Watch Me, the Quicker You'll Find Out How Little You Know
  • Watch the Professor
  • Stand Up Straight, Boy. He's All Right. He's All Right.
Also published here
  • Genii, Oct. 1995
Jamy Ian Swiss IMAM! on Imam Hossain
Also published here 97
Jamy Ian Swiss The Skinner Touch
  • I Miss Michael Skinner
Also published here 105
Michael Skinner Skinner's KM Move Finesse
Also published here 110
Michael Skinner Skinner's Time Trick Finesse
Inspired by
  • "The Time Machine" (Steve Freeman, Genii, Vol. 34 No. 7, 1981)
Also published here
Michael Skinner Skinner's Elevator Double Lift flourishy double lift
Also published here 118
Jamy Ian Swiss A Giant Among Us on Herb Zarrow
Also published here 127
Jamy Ian Swiss Presto: A Grand Master on Earl "Presto" Johnson
  • Presto!
Also published here 133
Jamy Ian Swiss Presto Magic introduction to trick section
Earl "Presto" Johnson "Coin Go" Coin Pull
Also published here 142
Earl "Presto" Johnson The One-Two-Three Coin Trick coin slapped into ear, comes out of nose
Also published here 142
Earl "Presto" Johnson The Naughty One-Two-Three Cigarette Vanish cigarette slapped into butt, comes out from zipper
Earl "Presto" Johnson In-the-Hands Han Ping Chien
Also published here 143
Earl "Presto" Johnson Coin Assembly on any surface
Also published here 144
Earl "Presto" Johnson Four Half Dollar Assembly on any surface
Also published here 146
Earl "Presto" Johnson Presto's Palm Change One-Hand Palm Change, credit information
Also published here 147
Earl "Presto" Johnson Jumbo Copper/Silver penny transposes with silver dollar in spectator's hand, penny grows to silver dollar side in his hand
Also published here 148
Earl "Presto" Johnson The Really, Really Instantaneous Coin Change one-handed version
Inspired byAlso published here 149
A Magician Prepares
Jamy Ian Swiss Making Introductions on introductions in magic books
  • The Book List
Also published here 153
Jamy Ian Swiss Suiting Repertoire
Jamy Ian Swiss On the French Drop detailled discussion
Related to 186
Jamy Ian Swiss Gaffs versus Skill "And the Clear Winner Is ..."
Also published here 197
Jamy Ian Swiss SSSS: The Swiss Sleight Study System how to developing a sleight repertoire, list of sleight categories with cards with references, updated
Also published here 207
Jamy Ian Swiss The "SSSS" Applied to Coin Magic updated
Also published here 229
Jamy Ian Swiss On the Slow-Motion Vanish Plot and Concealments
Jamy Ian Swiss Preserving Mystery
Also published here 233
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Jamy Ian Swiss About the Author
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