Written by Michael Weber
Work of Michael Weber
11 pages (Stapled), published by Magicland, Tokyo
Illustrated with drawings
Language: Japanese
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Michael Weber Broken Engagement gemstone from borrowed ring is removed, and restored back on ring. It is then shown the gemstone is loosely attached, before restoring it being firmly attached.
Michael Weber Rope and Restored Cut cut and restored rope, done in reverse, knot is attached onto rope, rope is shown to be in two pieces, then scissors used to restore the rope
Also published here 2
Michael Weber Card Warp Finish finale for Card Warp, show the card is actually half face-up and half face-down
Inspired by 4
Michael Weber Under Cover Transposition signed bill transposes with paper match, signed bill appears stapled inside matchbook
Also published here 5
Michael Weber Two-Faced Toss-Out Tossed Out Deck to force a single card, but deck can be shown to be normal and all different
Inspired by 7
Michael Weber Monte Surprise Three Card Monte, money card transforms into previously selected card
Michael Weber Vanish and Reversal selected card disappears, then appears reversed in the deck
Michael Weber Band Through Hand rubber band passes through spectator's wrist
Also published here 10
Michael Weber Cap In Bottle bottle cap penetrate into bottle, hand out as souvenir
Also published here 11
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