Written by Franklin M. Chapman
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Franklin M. Chapman Telepathy? performer marks the face of a card with a pencil, spectator names any card, it is the marked one
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Franklin M. Chapman Under Cover spectator reverses any card while performer is out of the room, performer covers deck with handkerchief, selection rises under handkerchief, deck cuts at natural break of reversed card
Franklin M. Chapman Quick Trick reversed card as key card that can be cut to directly, natural break
Franklin M. Chapman Prediction prediction on slip of paper, spectator cuts deck into three piles, one reversed, that one is cut again with prediction slip between the portions, cards above and below slip are the ones predicted
Turnover Reverse deck turned over, top card is slipped around and ends up reversed on bottom
Franklin M. Chapman Again - The Card in the Wallet card loaded behind back while card is apparently located by touch which fails, wallet rubber-banded
Variations 5
Franklin M. Chapman With the One Hand Palm selection lost, cutting procedure which results in a reversed card which is next to the selection and thus finds it
Franklin M. Chapman A Sure Bet card to matchbox, folded
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Mercury Card Fold into fourths under deck
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