For attendees of The Second Deal Convention in Chicago, March 2003
Written by Jason Alford
Work of Various
32 pages (Stapled), published by The Second Deal (Jason Alford)
No illustrations
Language: English
13 entries
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Simon Aronson Self Control Lie Speller spectator cuts off pile and counts, remembers card at same position in rest while reverse-counting them, assembles everything
  • Self Control Location Procedure
  • Lie Speller Revelation (à la Bruce Cervon)
Also published here 2
Jon Racherbaumer Hot-to-Trot Pocket Aces Aces vanish à la Open Travelers and appear in pocket one by one, simplified Jennings routine, Three as Ace pseudo duplicate
Inspired by 5
Allan Ackerman An Ambitious Moment ambitious card phase with pseudo duplicate
Kevin Kelly "Stuck" on Marlo's Impromptu Signature Transpo two cards signed on the back on stickers, signatures transpose
Inspired by 11
David Solomon Does Anyone Faro Shuffle? two cards chosen and fairly replaced, performer cuts to both with faro shuffles in between
Also published here 15
Edward Marlo Shuffling Around the Crimp
Related toAlso published here 16
Armando Gutierrez Rising Card with Triumph deck shuffled face-up/face-down, selection rises, then Triumph, then selection is revealed
Inspired by 17
Armando Gutierrez A. G. Display Goodwin/Jennings Display variation
Inspired by 18
Paul Cummins Punken Droker poker game dealt from deck shuffled face up/down
Inspired byAlso published here 20
Paul Cummins Optical Revolve Handling with riffling
Steve Draun An Ambitious Bit
Steve Draun Updated Heavenly Turnover
Inspired by 29
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