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20 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Every Trick in the Book Inc.
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Bob Farmer Introduction 2
Bob Farmer Stacked Deck Version spectator thinks of a card from half the deck, performer makes some statements and bets money, then five cards are put on table, spectator's card is among them and the other cards complete a good poker handRelated toVariationsAlso published here 2
Bob Farmer Special Deck Version same effect, duplicates in deckAlso published here 6
Bob Farmer Impromptu Version spectator shuffles deck and think of the highest of five random cards, performer places poker hand on table, it is a Royal Flush that contains thought-of cardVariationsAlso published here 7
Bob Farmer Pentacle Force forcing a Ten to Ace value on spectator, Tsunami principleRelated toVariationsAlso published here 9
Bob Farmer You Can Lead a Gift Horse to Water But You Can't Look in its Mouth different way to end the previous tricks, with only the selectionAlso published here 11
Bob Farmer, Howard Lyons Five Card Versions "One No Is Once Enough Is Not Enough"
spectator thinks of one of five cards, majority fishing (one no)
VariationsAlso published here 12
Bob Farmer Impromptu Impromptu Version "One One No Is Once Enough Is Not Enough Is Not Enough"
one of five cards
Also published here 15
Bob Farmer 220 Count Location Simplified Related toAlso published here 16
Bob Farmer High Card Force five spectators remove cards from portions of the deck, then another spectator the highest one of those, card is forcedAlso published here 17
Bob Farmer Finesse further ideas
1. Koran 101 Strategy
2. Character of Questions
3. Five Piles
4. Overcon (ten-card stack for majority fishing with two nos)
5. Credits (for one-no fishing)
Related toAlso published here 17
Max Maven Mesmeric Revelations: Quoting The Maven Semaphore suggestionsInspired byAlso published here 19
Bob Farmer, Tom Ransom Chart #1 & Chart #2 20