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23 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

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Chuck Smith Introduction
Chuck Smith Harvest Time bill torn, two coins produced from pieces, restored 1
Chuck Smith King of Club Entertainers 2
Chuck Smith Bill Tube and Hank silk through bill tube, especially for magicians since tube is ungaffed 3
Chuck Smith Linking Ropes climax to linking ropes routine with several rope rings becoming one large ring 5
Chuck Smith Multiplying Rabbits small rabbits finale without need to go to pockets 6
Chuck Smith Brema Nut nut through shoelace 7
Chuck Smith Chuck Smith's Ring Flight ungaffed key ring 8
Chuck Smith Imagination card forced only with equivoque 9
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magicianVariations 12
Chuck Smith Coin of Zo one side of coin changes 14
Chuck Smith Fake Turnover brief 14
Chuck Smith Cards to Pocket ten cards 15
Chuck Smith Blackjack Demo featuring a "never lose"-stack for blackjack 17
Chuck Smith Squeeze-Out coin through handkerchief in spectator's hand, shell 18
Chuck Smith Coin Through Handkerchief in spectator's hand, shell 19
Chuck Smith Phone Trick 20
Chuck Smith Knickle Head "What If?" Bonus Page
coin stuck to forehead, when removed a large tack is seen soldered to it
Related toVariations 23
Chuck Smith Juggler Vanish "What If?" Bonus Page
stack of loose coins vanishes after "elbow catch"