Written by Helge Thun
Work of Helge Thun
53 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: German
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Helge Thun Vorwort
Helge Thun Rollmops Reloaded 20 bill changes into 100, 20 is found in case wrapped around signed selection
Inspired by 8
Helge Thun Humor als Täuschung essay on using comedy for deception, applied to previous trick
Helge Thun Falteschachtel three cards selected, returned and deck cased, two cards found (cased deck in pocket and one selection quickly extracted, second card travels into pocket) and third one found folded in box
Helge Thun Case Fold card folded into quarters, as case is placed from table into pocket
Prof. Volkmar Wolters Prof. Wolter's Card Switch half the deck face up in right hand, face card apparently dragged off with left hand and tabled, ends up reversed in deck
Helge Thun Fächerflieger three Aces spin out of fan in left hand and are inserted into fan one by one, last one appears in fan
Also published here 36
Helge Thun Acht Voraus! four signed cards lost and found in different ways, they change into Aces, original cards found in different spots (folded in match box, wallet, case, sealed deck)
Helge Thun Flip-Flop-Top
Inspired by 41
Mark Sicher Sandwichange Handling
Related to 43
Helge Thun Vertical Nerve Trick with cased deck
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift
Helge Thun On the Mercury Card Fold comment on speed
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