Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
48 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Juan Tamariz, Luis H. Trueba
Language: Spanish
30 entries
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Juan Tamariz Slydini on Slydini
Juan Tamariz A Modo de Presentación
Juan Tamariz La Manipulación essay on manipulation and various artists
Juan Tamariz Magia y Memoria short article on memory and magic
Juan Tamariz Carta a la Orden named card is located, example to show how to alter the memory of spectators
Juan Tamariz Control Perpendicular Basic Move, bringing inserted card in perpendicular position
Also published here 14
Juan Tamariz TPC Extirpando bajo Extensión stripping card out under spread
Also published here 17
Juan Tamariz 1. De PP Extirpadas a Empalme en M.I.
Also published here 19
Juan Tamariz 2. Del TPC a Carta INF
Also published here 20
Juan Tamariz 3. De TPC a INF-2 o INF-3
Also published here 20
Juan Tamariz 4. De TPC a INF-7, INF-8, ... o Cualquier Otra Posición de la Baraja
Also published here 21
Juan Tamariz 5. Una Posibilidad que Abre Mil Caminos: El TPC con Varias Cartas
Also published here 22
Juan Tamariz 6. Algunos de los Mil Caminos TPC as a multiple shift
Juan Tamariz 7. Descarga al Regazo con Ayuda del TPC
Also published here 22
Juan Tamariz Efecto 1°. Sandwich Directo
Also published here 23
Juan Tamariz Efecto 2°. Sandwich Oculto
Also published here 24
Juan Tamariz Variante del Efecto 2°. Sandwich Oculto Entre 4 Ases Variation of effect 2, with four Aces
Also published here 25
Juan Tamariz Efecto 3°. Anti-Ambiciosa card to bottom
Also published here 25
Juan Tamariz Efecto 4°. Dos Cartas Vueltas with two cards
Also published here 26
Juan Tamariz Efecto 5°. Repoker de Elegidas four selections are controlled in one hand, aces, royal flush, with impromptu version
Also published here 27
Juan Tamariz La Mitologica Leyenda de los Centauros del Desierto Fascinados por los Cantos de las Sirenas de la Mar Oceano packet trick, four cards with centaurs and mermaids appear
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Wild Card Move
Juan Tamariz Cartomagia sin Tecnica routine with Svengali deck, starts and ends with a normal deck, first one cards is located then two, similar strategy as in Neither Blind nor Silly
Juan Tamariz La Prisionera Romantica only three cards, card vanishes from between jokers and appears in pocket, lapping
Also published here 40
Juan Tamariz Tamariz Change described with lapping
Also published here 41
Juan Tamariz Lapped Card From Inside Pocket
Also published here 43
Juan Tamariz Por un Inteto de Comprension del Milagro Magico thoughts on magic
Juan Tamariz Watiburillo Potagico preview for vol. 2
Juan Tamariz Juan Anton on Juan Anton
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