Written by Vanni Bossi
Work of Vanni Bossi
29 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Vanni Bossi
Language: English, Italian
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Vanni Bossi The Shuffle Control that Liked to Darwin Ortiz tabled riffle shuffle controls with Aces in-jogged at different positions during part of the shuffling
  • 1 - Control on Top of the Deck
    • The Second Shuffle
    • Cut and Control Over the Deck
  • 2 - Moving the Four Aces from Top to Bottom
  • 3 - Moving the Four Aces from Bottom to Top
  • 4 - Positioning Two Aces on Top and Two on Bottom of the Deck
  • Notes
Vanni Bossi A Faro Subtlety faro with corner-shorted cards, stacking application with fewer shuffles
Vanni Bossi Variations to the "Dr. Nuzzo Peek" fine secret incomplete faro condition to facilitate counting
  • First Variation (challenge location, red-black separation)
  • Second Variation (same with odd-even)
Inspired by 12
Vanni Bossi Delayed Control after the Peek bridging top part after fingertip peek, method to obtain break at bridge after table spread delay
Inspired by 13
Vanni Bossi An Unbelievable Force cards drawn from top and bottom until stopped, then bottom card is force card, discrepant
Also published here 14
Vanni Bossi Three Original Key Cards different types of thinned-out corners
  • First Type
  • Second Type
  • Third Type
Vanni Bossi Vanii Bossi's Move a Card, a la "Moe" memorizing red-black patterns
Vanni Bossi The Vanni Bossi Multipip Card a Six-spot with one spot missing, can be shown as Four or Six
  • Ambitious Card 1
  • Ambitious Card 2
  • Forcing and Vanishing the Forced Card
  • Forcing One or Two Cards
  • A Prediction
  • Final Note
Vanni Bossi An Inexpensive Daub Dispenser cap from film container
Vanni Bossi The Vanni Bossi's U.T.N. Folding "Under Their Nose", into sixth, while displaying another card
Vanni Bossi Torn Deck Mystery deck is torn in quarters which are mixed in paper bag, performer locates four pieces of selection without looking
Inspired by 24
Vanni Bossi The Perfect Key Card card cut the other way put into deck, slick card
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