Third edition
Written by Andi Gladwin
Work of Andi Gladwin
39 pages (Stapled), published by An Andi Gladwin Production
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
18 entries
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Andi Gladwin Suit You, Sir one suit has been removed and pocketed by the performer, the spectator selects a suit with coin tosses, it is the missing suit
Inspired by
  • "Suit Pocket" (Joshua Jay, Linking Ring, Sept. 1998)
Also published here
Andi Gladwin Signal versus Noice spectator shuffles Ace through Ten of Spades and puts them in a glass, performer divines the order and the last card has been predicted
Andi Gladwin Some Assembly Required faced deck
Related toAlso published here 9
Andi Gladwin All Around Turnover
Also published here 10
Andi Gladwin Open All Hours performer names card, spectator names number, card found at that number, faced deck
Andi Gladwin InFlight Control Bluff Pass handling with tabled packet
  • Layers of Conviction
  • A Finesse by Rob James
Andi Gladwin InFlight Entertainment selection appears between two sandwich cards on top of deck
Andi Gladwin 8 Hour Fan Change card on face of one half changes when fan in other hand is waved over it
Inspired byAlso published here 18
Two Fan Change Effects
Andi Gladwin Trespass card travels from red half to black half
Andi Gladwin, Jack Parker Symphony in Blue Major visual change of deck from red to blue
Andi Gladwin TATFUS ATFUS handling in which deck is on table, using count cop & transfer
Related toAlso published here 22
Edward Marlo Count Cop and Transfer
Also published here 23
Andi Gladwin Swivelswitch card is reversed in center of deck and switched in that process, spread double deal
  • Swiveltwo (variation)
Andi Gladwin Synapse Aces put on deck, Kings turned over in deck one by one, the quartets transpose
Inspired by 28
Andi Gladwin, Grace Ann Morgan Supersonic two spectators and performer each have a third of the deck, performer has a card selected and the spectators have each other select a card, all shuffled back, two selections found, last one from pocket
VariationsAlso published here 30
Andi Gladwin Bold Instinct three card location, two found and one travels to pocket, simplified handling
Inspired by 33
Andi Gladwin Red/Black to the Future
Also published here 34
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