Written by Ken Simmons
Work of Edward Marlo, Ken Simmons
45 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Ken Simmons Introduction
Edward Marlo The Schmaltzy Showman's Prediction fair selection from new and sealed deck is predicted, Penelope's Principle
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Also published here 1
Edward Marlo Not All Psychological spectator stops at odd backed card
Also published here 4
Edward Marlo Breaking the Rule spelling to the four Aces, last one turns over
  • Marlo Note
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Also published here 6
Edward Marlo Sure Simplified Shift Simple Shift variation
Also published here 10
Edward Marlo Bluff Ace Assembly
  • Marlo Note
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Also published here 12
Edward Marlo The Marlo Flourish to turnover a card in hand
Also published here 16
Edward Marlo Are We Kidding Ourselves Ace of Spades and three blank cards shown, apparently they change into Aces, but remain blank
Also published here 17
Edward Marlo Not So Obvious three blank cards change into Kings, then Aces
Also published here 19
Edward Marlo Easy Vanishing Card fifty-one cards roughed on faces, one card on back
Also published here 21
Edward Marlo The Named Transposition named card travels from one deck to another, roughed deck, and roughed red/blue menetekel
Also published here 22
Edward Marlo The Named Reverse named card removed from blue deck, same card then shown reversed in red deck, roughed red/blue menetekel
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Also published here 23
Edward Marlo Challenge Oil and Water or Try This With a Glide 6&6, condensed three-phase version
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Inspired byRelated to 26
Edward Marlo Spread Pass Addition with packet or deck, variations
Also published here 29
Edward Marlo McDonald Aces Switch-Out
Also published here 33
Edward Marlo Female spectator's name on back of named card
  • Simmons Note (Ken Simmons)
Also published here 34
Edward Marlo The Money Sandwich using envelope out of bills
  • Alternatives to the Double or Envelope Bill
Also published here 38
Edward Marlo The Card in Case card case instead of palms, using dull blank card gaff
Also published here 41
Edward Marlo Card apparently put in Case
Also published here 42
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