published May 2023
Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
48 pages (Paperback), published by Penguin Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Juan Tamariz Letter from Juan on theater and Peter Weiss
Juan Tamariz Unique Double Prediction performer takes two prediction cards from shuffled deck, card freely named, one prediction is a joker (gag) and the other one matches the card
  • First Improvement (memorized deck)
  • Second Improvement (top change substitute)
  • Third Improvement
  • Fourth Improvement
Modified Mexican Turnover both cards start face down and end face up
Juan Tamariz On Giving Out Signed Cards
Related to 11
Juan Tamariz Perpendicular Mexican Turnover card slid under tabled card in perpendicular position
Juan Tamariz The Peruvian Turnover one corner of tabled card is crimped
Related to 14
Juan Tamariz The One-Armed Tribute routine performed one-handed with both hands simultaneously, one half on either side
  • Phase 1 - Ambitious Cards (deck cut in half, top card of both halves shown with one hand each and put in center of the half, they come back to top)
  • Phase 2 - Stop Together (cards lost in both halves again, both dealt simultaneously and spectator says stop, both cards are at that position)
  • Phase 3 - Slop Shuffle (tabled slop shuffle triumph with two halves, both done one-handed)
  • Phase 4 - Through the Table (both cards lost again, they travel through the table from each half)
  • Encore - Color Separation
Tabled Double Lift brief, with both hands simultaneously
Juan Tamariz Lapping Choreography tabled palm and subsequent lapping, both hands simultaneously
Juan Tamariz Impromptu Book Test page chosen by adding values in a chosen packet of cards, repeat phase
Juan Tamariz Set-Up Strategy while locating a chosen card
Juan Tamariz Packet Number Force twelve cards take, two six-card packets made, one chosen and values added
Juan Tamariz Grand Poker Demonstration "Vernon Formula Plus"
  • I. Blackjack
  • II. Four Kings
  • III. Four Aces
  • V. The Vernon Poker Demonstration - The Formula
  • The Icing on the Cake: Total Color Separation
Inspired by 34
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Stack
Juan Tamariz P.S.
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