1975-1978 ca.
Written by Lawrence Nudelman
Work of Lawrence Nudelman
9 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Levitan
Language: English
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Lawrence Nudelman The $ Bill and Selected Card in Purse serial number of dollar bill noted, bill placed in purse, card signed and corner torn off, card travels into purse, purse switched
Lawrence Nudelman The Dollar Bill Sandwich folded bill placed inside another folded bill and they penetrate
Lawrence Nudelman, Steve Dusheck The Hole-y Dollar Bill by Steve Dusheck, Jr. "Larry Nudelman's Version"
eight holes punched in folded Dollar bill, bill is restored
Inspired by 3
Lawrence Nudelman A $1 Bill Becomes a $2 Bill bill folded and unfolded
Lawrence Nudelman Changing a $2 Bill Into Two $1 Bills
Lawrence Nudelman Quick Count - One or Two? one bill (with secret slit) is folded so it looks like two
Lawrence Nudelman Spring Money Bouquet crumpled up newspaper becomes money bouquet
Lawrence Nudelman The "Reel" $5 Bill spectator bends down to pick up bill, but it jumps into performer's hand, gag
Lawrence Nudelman The Card Warp - Larry Nudelman's Version with bill around card
Lawrence Nudelman The Himber Wallet - The Larry Nudelman Version bills change in Himber wallet
Inspired by 8
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