Written by Laurie Ireland
Work of Various
24 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Eugene Gloye
Language: English
14 entries
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Jay Marshall, Frances Ireland Marshall Publisher's Note
John Derris The Slow Motion Nudist Pack double blank deck cut into four piles, four faces are printed on a card from each pile, then each pile has the faces of the full suit, then backs are printed on all cards, normal deck with a few blank-backed cards, ends clean
Related to
  • "New Nudist Deck" (Edward Victor, Harry Baron's "My Best Card Trick", 1953, p. 20)
Bill Hendricks Ten Knights in a Card Room gag card with a five miniature cards on them of a full house, performer wins with this one card only
  • 2nd Presentation
Everett Lyda Color Change Illusion With Cards back of selection changes, then changes back
Victor Comello New Three Card Monte Move three cards held in spread in one hand, tabled one by one, two cards are switched
Jack Avis All Fair Card Transposition card in pocket with card at chosen position
Related to 10
Theo Doré Cardlepathy shuffled deck held unter handkerchief, performer names cards in order while spectator cannot duplicate it, as finale a chosen card is named
Jack Avis All Fair Hallucination card chosen and returned, deck riffled in front of another spectator and he names a card, it is the first selection, faro, only odd-colored
Inspired by
  • "Hallucination" (Lloyd Jones)
Edward Marlo The Switchless Switch packet switch as cards are taken from the top of the deck one by one and shown, application to E. G. Brown's thought card across problem
Related toVariations 15
Edward Marlo Second Effect Switchless Switch application
Edward Marlo Third Effect packet of red cards and black cards transpose, Switchless Switch application
Edward Marlo Additional Technique for the Switchless Switch more open grip
Inspired by 21
Victor Comello The Utility Prediction card out-jogged halfway, as the right hand removes it, it is switched for the top card
Roy E. Smith Sympathetic Card Miracle two halves are shuffled, performer and spectator select a card from each other's half, they end up in the same position
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