Written by Paul Swinford

Work of Paul Swinford

62 pages (Paperback), published by Harold Martin
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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John Braun Introduction 4
Paul Swinford Foreword 7
Paul Swinford Improbable Coincidence... 11
Paul Swinford Transmigration 13
Paul Swinford Positions Across two halves from different decks 14
Paul Swinford The Joker is Wild not really tossed..., two selections 16
Edward Marlo Incomplete Double Peek Control two cards, one after the otherRelated to 17
Paul Swinford The Seekers 19
Paul Swinford Switcharound 23
Paul Swinford Alpha and Omega faro thing, odd backed climax 27
Paul Swinford Duo-Spell two thought-of cards, sixteen card set-upRelated to 30
Paul Swinford Psychedelic packet cut off, values added, matrix layout, new deck orderVariations 33
Paul Swinford Opus Thirteen Gilbreath Principle & Faro Shuffle, new deck order 37
Paul Swinford Fantasia number of red/black cards drawn by spectator are predicted, new deck order 40
Paul Swinford The Double Whammy two cards, CCCC (= Color Coded Control Cards)Related to 43
Unknown Faro Slough Off 47
Paul Swinford Impossibility 32 Cards, CCCC 48
Paul Swinford Birthday Magic Card at date-position is found, CCCC 55
Paul Swinford Elimination py process of elimination, successive dividing deck in half, CCCC 57
Paul Swinford Faro Spell shuffled deck, but CCCC 59