Written by Ormond McGill
Work of Ormond McGill
29 pages (Stapled), published by Abbott's Magic
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Percy Abbott Preface
Ormond McGill Some Occult Amazements
Ormond McGill The Brain Illusion spectator looks through the flame of a candle and apparently sees his own brain, optical illusion
Nelmar Eyes in the Dark eyes glow in the dark
Related to
  • Nelmar's "20 Hypnotic Tricks"
Ormond McGill The Trap Mystery activating a jump trap without being harmed
Related to 8
Nelmar Levitation of a Bar of Iron bar of iron is held by two spectators, it raises and lowers at the performer's fingertips, suggestion
Related to
  • Nelmar's "20 Hypnotic Tricks"
Ormond McGill Levitation with a Chair moving a chair, then with spectator sitting on chair
Ormond McGill The Presentation of Miracle thirteen rules
Also published here 18
Ormond McGill The Pendulum: Introduction pendulum im different contexts
Ormond McGill The Pendulum: In Performance
  • constructing the pendulum
  • operating the pendulum
  • powers of the pendulum
  • individuality in working with the pendulum
  • experimental evidence with the pendulum
  • and as to miracle
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