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To Pass a Chosen Card through the Crown of a Borrowed Hat selection appears underneath hat
1890 46
The Mysterious Hat two cards are divined and then travel into hat
1897 190
S. W. Erdnase The Card and Hat card to under hat
Variations 1902 204
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Wanderung zweier Karten in einen Hut two selection travel into a hat
1930 88
Card in the Hat stripper deck
1937 270
The Captain Card cards in hat are dropped out, selection remains in hat, stripper deck
1937 273
A Stranger in the House stranger card, hat is far away, marked card
1940 370
Arthur H. Buckley Card Under Hat five cards chosen and sealed in envelope, one of them chosen from five slips of papers with names of selections, that card travels to under hat
1948 121
Bill Simon The Card in the Hat card travels into hat that is sitting on table, repeated
1949 14
Tommy Vanderschmidt The Repeat Card in Hat Selection travels to borrowed hat twice, ending with deck travelling to hat
Also published here 1953 9
Max Malini Card in Hat spectator's hat, strategy for loading card in advance
1962 67
Card in the Hat
1972 25
Charles Waller A Bit of Card Tomfoolery
1972 25
Die Karte im Hut selection travels into hat
1978 54
Bob Chesbro Card in the Hat signed card is pinned to inside of hat with large safety pin
1982 33
Larry Jennings The Card In The Hat four methods
1986 84
Bob Stencel Fixing the Gazinta two phases
1990 131
Tommy Vanderschmidt Repeat Card in Hat selection travels to borrowed hat twice, ending with deck traveling to hat
Also published here 1998 69
Max Malini Card in Hat loading a duplicate in a spectator's hat
Also published here
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly
2022 291