Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Various

21 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Limited
Illustrated with drawings by Jonathan Swift.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer Introduction credit information on packet tricks in general 2
Jon Racherbaumer Cast of Characters - Gene Castillon
- Pauline Guidry
- Lloyd Jones
- Edward Marlo
- Jimmy Molinaire
- Dave Solomon
- Robert Walker
Gene Castillon Another Hamman Twist last card transforms in spectator's hands, then back when put reversed in deckInspired byVariations 5
Edward Marlo ATFUS 5
Dave Walker Wily Turn 6
Edward Marlo Side-Jogged Ribbon Spread Change reversed card inserted and side-jogged, ribbon-spread hide-out as transformation 7
Edward Marlo, David Solomon, Jim Molinari The Chicago Combination Inspired by 8
Edward Marlo Omni-Twist card selected, twisting routine with Ace through Four, then one transforms into selection
- Twist Phase
- Think Touch Turn Phase
Related to 11
Edward Marlo Convincing Acrobatic Cards two cards turned over, then other two cards turn over as wellInspired by
  • "Acrobatic Cards" (Tricks You Can Count On, Chesbro & West, 1968, p. 20)
Robert Walker Twist and Transpo twisting followed by Daley's Last transpoInspired byVariations 17
Dave Walker, Jon Racherbaumer Logical Twist last ace vanishes and reappears reversed in deckInspired byAlso published here
  • "Logical Twist" (Sticks & Stones No. 5)
Edward Marlo Bold ATFUS 19
Jon Racherbaumer On the Through-the-Fist Flourish credit information 20
Jon Racherbaumer Further Reading 21