Written by Jerry Mentzer
Work of Jerry Mentzer
30 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Methods
Illustrated with drawings by Commugraphics
Language: English
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Jerry Mentzer Something from Something sponge ball multiplies into three balls
Also published here
  • "Something from Something" (Linking Ring, February 1971)
Jerry Mentzer Sponge Shenanigans "two in the hands - one in the pocket" routine, with different ball or object as climax
Jerry Mentzer Card Combinations all backs followed by a two card revelation
Jerry Mentzer Double Mental Test one of four borrowed coins chosen, two chosen cards added, coin and sum predicted in wallet, two methods
Also published here 13
Jerry Mentzer Magnetic Matrix
Jerry Mentzer Miracle Coins thru Playing Card card rests on glass and coin repeatedly penetrates it and fall in glass
Jerry Mentzer Card Mix Up cards mixed face-up/face-down without a riffle shuffle
Jerry Mentzer Impromptu Close Up Mat towel
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