Written by Ali Bongo
Work of Ali Bongo
8 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo
Language: English
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Ali Bongo Four Kings Easy Kings vanish and appear in envelope, with four glasses, brief
Also published here 1
Ali Bongo Lucky Number prediction of a number from 1-10 in envelope
Also published here 2
Ali Bongo Pick-A-Pencil / Pick-A-Lollipop bunch of pencils, all removed but one, prediction
Also published here 3
Ali Bongo Bongo's Blooming Bush blossoms can be removed, silks, different method than in the Bongo Book
Inspired byAlso published here 4
Ali Bongo Bongo Blendo
Also published here 4
Ali Bongo Color Change Rose with tube
Also published here 5
Ali Bongo Silk to Rose silk is transformed into head of rose, then it is attached to stem
Ali Bongo Stretch-A-Link two rope rings, penetration and one ring is stretched
Also published here 6
Ali Bongo Zig Zag Folder cardboard to produce handkerchief
Also published here 7
Ali Bongo Matchbox Monte with coin inside, brief
Also published here 7
Ali Bongo Chung Ling Hoo-Dini coin penetrated by chop sticks, then vanishes and appears somewhere else, brief
Also published here 8
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