Written by Ali Bongo

Work of Ali Bongo

12 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo.
Language: English, French

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Ali Bongo Ali Bongo's Wrong Ring... La Fausse Bague presentation for the Gozinta Box with finger ringAlso published here 1
Ali Bongo Four Kings Easy Kings vanish and appear in envelope, with four glasses, briefAlso published here 2
Ali Bongo Pick-A-Pencil / Pick-A-Lollipop bunch of pencils, all removed but one, predictionAlso published here 3
Ali Bongo Chung Ling Hoo-Dini coin penetrated by chop sticks, then vanishes and appears somewhere else, briefAlso published here 4
Ali Bongo Bongo's Patent Pink Pills to brief to understand effect 5
Ali Bongo La Pièce dans la Boule de Laine coin in ball of wool 6
Ali Bongo Bongo's Bingo Box box with numbered balls, forcing numbers, briefAlso published here 7
Ali Bongo The Flying Saucers! cardboard plates with numbers, one has a prize, very brief description 7
Ali Bongo Sympathetic Colours two spectator selects same colored ball from bag 8
Ali Bongo Lucky Number prediction of a number from 1-10 in envelopeAlso published here 9
Ali Bongo Stretch-A-Link two rope rings, penetration and one ring is stretchedAlso published here 10
Ali Bongo Fred and Lulu briefAlso published here 11
Ali Bongo Amida Kuji bank night, prize boxes, board with lines to follow, very brief 11
Ali Bongo Alichemy five coins change in spectator's hand from copper to goldAlso published here 12