Written by Ali Bongo

Work of Ali Bongo

16 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo.
Language: English, French

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Ali Bongo Patterns for Making the Mini Gozinta Boxes 1
Ali Bongo Ali Bongo's Wrong Ring... La Fausse Bague presentation for the Gozinta Box with finger ringAlso published here 2
Ali Bongo The Bunny-Copter paper bunny spirals down when thrown into air, gag 4
Ali Bongo Vodka Surprise beverages written on backs of cards, named card and beverage is predicted 5
Ali Bongo Pongolian Palette silks vanish from palette and appear tied to other handkerchief in breast pocket 6
Ali Bongo Chung Ling Hoo-Dini coin penetrated by chop sticks, then vanishes and appears somewhere else, briefAlso published here 7
Ali Bongo The Happy Medium cards shuffled and placed into houlette, spectator has bag over the head and divines cards 8
Ali Bongo Galloping Prediction musical chairs game, prediction of winner 9
Ali Bongo Plane Design six chips with symbols, one is predicted 10
Ali Bongo Foxy Wrist Tie easy wrist tie escape 11
Ali Bongo Alichemy five coins change in spectator's hand from copper to goldAlso published here 12
Ali Bongo Here's Some Magic You Can Do vanishing Leprechaun / Disappearing Dwarf / Hat puzzle, Bongo design 13
Ali Bongo Shuffle-Board Variation folded prediction, brief 16