Written by Steve Beam
Work of Steve Beam
52 pages (Paperback), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
14 entries
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Steve Beam Bait and Switch fishing concept for Si Stebbins
Also published here 2
Steve Beam Dribble Stud Force bold, turning over both halves
Also published here 9
Steve Beam Fish Stew thought-of cards are divined
Also published here 11
Steve Beam Spam Filter II thought-of selection is divined via other cards produced from deck, si stebbins, with stripper deck version
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Steve Beam Four Gone Conclusion card is constructed by using the Eliminator, card is missing in the deck and found in case, message on Joker
Also published here 24
Doug Canning Joint Banking card in pocket
Also published here 27
Steve Beam The Invisible Index ungaffed pocket index, packet
  • Face-In or Face-Out
  • Filling the Bank
Also published here 30
Steve Beam Unbelievable humorous prediction of five chosen cards, with a photograph
Also published here 33
Steve Beam Proctologist Switch variation of Vernon's Strip-Out Addition
Also published here 34
Steve Beam Log Roll Switch variation of Vernon's Strip-Out Addition
Also published here 36
Steve Beam Unmarked Cards spectator selects five cards from deck, those are the only normal cards, rest are double backers
Also published here 38
Steve Beam The Queen Doesn't Know Jack spelling multiple words to find selection, humorous presentation, further tips from SACT
Also published here 41
Steve Beam World Piece
Also published here 45
Marty Kane Cursed by an Evil Spell after spelling on fingers a number is divined
Also published here 50
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