For attendees of The Second Deal Convention in New Orleans, March 1999
Written by Jason Alford
Work of Various
34 pages (Stapled), published by The Second Deal (Jason Alford)
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Dan MacMillan
Language: English
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Cover photograph
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Jason Alford In This Booklet
Tomas Blomberg Bhummer CATO location with red/black sucker moment
Christian Ehret Ehret-Multiple Shift plunger push-in from the long side, then strip-out with turnover pass
Jason Alford Suit Cut Suit two cards in two suit runs from Ace to Ten transpose
Inspired byAlso published here 9
Mark Aspiazu Passing Away deck visually vanishes between hands (hidden in perpendicular position under right hand)
Michael Sibbernsen Snap appearance of face-up card protruding from deck
Inspired by 15
Ken Simmons Single-Deck Holey Terror traveling hole effect
Inspired by
  • Michael Powers' "Holy Terror"
Jason Alford Revolutionizing the Twist
Inspired by 24
Dan MacMillan One Handed Turn Over Switch
Also published here 26
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