Written by Bruce Bernstein
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24 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Bruce Bernstein Personal Attachment one card
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Bruce Bernstein Cold Reading stock reading lines
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Bruce Bernstein You Are What Eats You potato chips are squeezed in fist, salt pour
Bruce Bernstein Symbolic Match ESP decks are dealt and spectators can say if cards shall be switched, order match
Also published here 9
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Bruce Bernstein Pennies From Heaven square of coins, ten in each row, coins are moved and still ten in each row
Bruce Bernstein Mentalist's Card Through Table named card penetrates table
Also published here 15
Bruce Bernstein Masklyn's Ring person stretches arm out to the side, depending on how close performer's ring is, the performer can push the arm down easily or only with strength
Inspired by
  • Tony Andruzzi's "Ring of Protection" in "Daemon's Diary"
VariationsAlso published here
Bruce Bernstein Utility Mental Routine prediction of coin toss, chosen card and total of numbers
Related toAlso published here 19
Bruce Bernstein Impromptu Number Prediction numbers from one to nine written on business cards, cards are mixed and used to form two two-digit numbers, prediction of total, swindle switch
Also published here 21
Bruce Bernstein A Few Thoughts About Magicians and Mentalists
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