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Written by Andy Nyman
Work of Andy Nyman
24 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Danny Buckler
Language: English
12 entries
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Andy Nyman Dedication
Andy Nyman Introduction. 9.5.99
Also published here 2
Andy Nyman The Good, the Bad & the Ugly triple prediction of name, card and chocolate, three different methods, no one ahead
Also published here 3
Stop Trick spectator stops dealing, envelope with prediction is put onto dealt pile with secret card underneath
Also published here 6
Andy Nyman Charade blindfolded performer stops spectator while dealing through one half and vice versa, the cards match, then spectator selects a card and puts it in other half and performer finds it
Also published here 8
Andy Nyman Mr. Saturday Night nine envelopes with "Mr. Right?" on them, one chosen (PATEO), it describes the fiancé of the woman
Also published here 10
Tips on Previous Routines
Andy Nyman Killer Elite Tips
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  • "Killer Elite" (Andy Nyman, marketed, ca. 1998)
Also published here
Andy Nyman Witness For The Prosecution - clean up
Related to 15
Andy Nyman Con Air with revelation of name
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Billet Switch
Also published here 17
Andy Nyman Dead Of Night three cards in different positions remembered, they are spelled out with increasingly more stringent conditions
Also published here 20
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