Written by Jean Hugard
Work of Al Baker
116 pages (Hardcover), published by Carl Waring Jones
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Miaco, Kwakenat
Language: English
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Al Baker Foreword
Also published here ix
Al Baker Chapter 1: First Lesson in Mind Reading Technique intro on billet switches
Also published here 1
Al Baker The Baker Switch
  • I. The Technique
  • II. The Timing
  • III. The Application
VariationsAlso published here 1
Al Baker Bill-Epathy using Baker Billet Switch
Also published here 6
Al Baker Chapter 2: New Light on the Center Tear introductory comments
Related toAlso published here 10
Al Baker The New Baker Method reading immediately after tearing
Also published here 12
Al Baker Co-Incidentally spectator writes the same name as performer did earlier, centre tear
Also published here 18
Chapter 3: Telephone Mysteries
Al Baker A Telemirakel ten cards from shuffled deck tabled in a row, random person called (really assistant) who names four cards, the cards corresponding with the last four digites of the phone number in the ten-card row are those cards
Also published here 21
Al Baker Packet Addition with Book during handling of phone book
Also published here 23
Al Baker Over the Phone medium names free selection, code
Also published here 26
Al Baker Telephony card is forced
Also published here 30
Cross Cut Force
Also published here 31
Chapter 4: Mental Magic Effects
Al Baker No-Nomonics linking initals with objects
Also published here 32
Al Baker Baker's Eight-Card Trick any eight cards taken and one chosen, other seven called out to assistant who then names selection, effect "Study in Stud" related but not the method
Also published here 34
Al Baker Thought Transmission performer makes spectator write certain numbers, pencil reading, nail writer on first finger tip
Also published here 37
Al Baker Al Baker's Envelope Switch window envelopes, Q&A routine application
VariationsAlso published here 40
Al Baker Envelope as an Accessory slit, steal
Also published here 46
Al Baker Chicken-Feed amount of change in spectator's pocket, pocket writing, spiked billet
Related toAlso published here 50
Al Baker Parlor Telepathy code by placement on table
Related toAlso published here 53
Al Baker Impossible! "An Experiment in Clairvoyance"
assistant with cloth bag over the head on a chair, performer names selected cards via ventriloquism
Related toAlso published here 57
Al Baker Pellet Reading "Al Baker Method"
contents of three slips are divined, with secret opening and reading method, umbrella move
Also published here 59
Al Baker "Out of the Air" Baker notebook
VariationsAlso published here 65
Al Baker The Baker Switch - No. 2
Also published here 72
Al Baker Secret Reading of Billets with a notepad
Also published here 76
Al Baker Pseudo-Fortune Telling Seance for "can you tell fortunes?"-situations
  • The Seance
Also published here 80
Al Baker The Dead Man's Name with envelopes, one paper fits more loosely than others
Also published here 85
Al Baker Mental Card Tricks chapter intro
Also published here 88
Al Baker The Pulse of the People three cards
Also published here 90
Al Baker The Stethoscope using stooge and signal
Also published here 93
Al Baker Telepathy For Two two cards appear at chosen numbers from one to ten, forcing banks
Also published here 97
Al Baker Unconscious Clairvoyance ungaffed cards
Also published here 100
Al Baker The Magic Bell ghost bell, answering to questions
Also published here 104
Al Baker, Adrian Plate Appendix: Mnemonics As Applied To Conjuring numbers, cards, theory
Related to
  • Magician's Tricks by Hatton & Plate
Also published here
Al Baker Cartomancy, or The Meaning of the Cards in a Deck
Also published here 113
Al Baker Recapitulation of Al Baker's Rules for Effective Mental Magic nine rules
Also published here 116
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