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Philip T. Goldstein The Mockingbird missing card divined, part of the "Birds of Prey" locations 1
Philip T. Goldstein Astrologame game with zodiac cards and printed rules, signs revealedInspired by 3
Philip T. Goldstein Nymble three spectators write their names on billets and change them around, performer knows who has what name 4
Unknown Magnetic Shim Marking 4
Philip T. Goldstein Universal Speller card chosen by spelling any word 5
Philip T. Goldstein, Len Belcher NeoGeo designs formed with puzzle/domino type cards divined, inspired by Len Belcher's "Geomino Trick" (Abra #924) 6
Philip T. Goldstein, Toni Koynini Throw Rug card revealed via red-black pattern in layout of 7x7 cards on table, inspired by Toni Koynini's "Karpet" (Magic Wand, March 1953) 8
Philip T. Goldstein Inspectrum thought-of colors divinedRelated to 10
Philip T. Goldstein Numper word from list divined, progressive anagram credit informationRelated to 12
Philip T. Goldstein Dynamix word or design cards are divined, "self-correcting set-up", new approachInspired by 14