Written by Billy McComb
Work of Billy McComb
52 pages (Stapled), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings by Billy McComb
Language: English
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Charles Goodliffe Neale Introduction
Billy McComb Preface
Billy McComb Biographical Note
Billy McComb William's Torn and Restored Newspaper Presentation presenting the effect on stage, with stage light
Billy McComb William's Bicycle Tyre tire is emptied and blown up again
Billy McComb William's Ice Cream Production cup filled with confetti changes into ice cream
Billy McComb More About Ice Cream four more ideas with ice cream tricks
Billy McComb William's Fantastic Fez performer wears a fez, cuckoo on springs comes out with the selection
Billy McComb William's New Glove Opening gloves are thrown into the air, small parachute opens and they float slowly down
Related to 20
Billy McComb William "discovers" "Multicore" Solder two ideas with a special wire
  • bending flower
  • gag with tie
Billy McComb William's Attache Case Production object appear from empty case
Billy McComb William's Invisible Paint brush on paper, picture is made without using paint
Billy McComb William on the Subject of "Stung" sucker trick, card apparently vanished in trousers, version of Stung
Billy McComb William's Invisible Pipe smoking thumb
Billy McComb William's Hot Book flames from a book
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Billy McComb William's Comedy Card Flight spectator on stage puts card in stand, card vanishes and appears in envelope, everybody sees how it works except spectator on stage, paper balls over head type
Billy McComb William Passes On Some Tips on thumb tips, on using milk, on the appearing cane, how to remove paint
Billy McComb Assorted Gaglets of the William Brand gags with, thimbles, a mouse trap, a spring snake, with ropes, hair, light bulbs, coffee beans, diminishing cards, cracking a spectator's arm, dead rat
Variations 37
Billy McComb William's Poker Hand Trick several hands are dealt one hand is chosen it's a royal flush
Billy McComb William Amid the Fakirs gazing at a match causing it to ignite
Billy McComb William's Fantastic Table table lift, with ring, then legs fall off and when the table top is shown, the hand stuck to it apparently cut off from the arm
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Billy McComb William's Floating Ball Routine comedy routine on stage, ball is floating up and down and finally vanishes in a box, with assistant
Billy McComb William Turns Gravity Upside Down board on two trestles with three bricks on top, trestles are removed and the rest floats, then board, lowermost and middle brick are removed one by one, still suspended in the air
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