Written by Karl Fulves
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118 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
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Karl Fulves Further Reading references
Karl Fulves Card Recalled unknown card signed on back found with Hex Squared instructions
Karl Fulves Roll The Dice printed dice layout, dice roll selected by instructions on how to move on grid is predicted
Karl Fulves Crazy Calendar matrix with months, spectator choses his own
Karl Fulves Tric Trac nine coins in square, one chosen, date predicted
Variations 15
Karl Fulves Trac Two coin chosen from matrix with only two instructions
Inspired by 17
Karl Fulves Never Was eighteen coins in pairs in 3x3 square, one pair chosen, one of the coins in this pair vanishes, nickel & dime set
Inspired by 18
Karl Fulves Hollywood Squared names of celebrities on cards in square formation, selection predicted
Karl Fulves Portable Roulette 3x5 grid with various numbers, chosen one predicted
Related to 20
Karl Fulves Construct A Hex how to construct a matrix and instructions for the movement on it for Hex Squared
Karl Fulves Cell By Cell further strategies on how to construct the matrix
Karl Fulves Pictorials visualisation on how the matrix works
Karl Fulves Entrapment strategy on how to enlarge the matrix
Related to 32
Karl Fulves Run The Table strategy on how to construct the matrix
Karl Fulves Free Will strategy on how to construct the matrix
Karl Fulves Restoration four red-backed and 4 blue-backed cards torn in half, one card signed on face and a half kept, card chosen from 3x5 square made from rest, matching half found
Karl Fulves Word Game word chosen from matrix layout
Karl Fulves Ouija Jr. 3x4 letters, word chosen by moving according to instructions, it's "ring" and the phone rings
Karl Fulves Flight Schedule 3x4 matrix with flight times, one selected and predicted (with multiple out)
Karl Fulves Outguessed performer and spectator have five cards each, spectator choses another card from grid layout according to rules and can replace one of his or performer's cards with it, still performer has better poker hand
Sam Schwartz Sam's 5 x 5 Hex Squared with 5x5 layout
Related to 54
Karl Fulves Symmetry "This section considers some aspects of symmetry in regard to the distribution of reds and blacks in the layout."
Karl Fulves Symmetry Too
Karl Fulves Symmetry III
Karl Fulves Flat Roulette 5x5 layout
Related to 61
Karl Fulves Homing Device 4x4 layout with life themed words, two phase routine in which first phase gives idea that any word is possible
Karl Fulves Seers 'R Us spectator decides how many instructions there will be, yet final position predicted with clear plastic and permanent X on it
Karl Fulves Spellathon 3x4 card layout on table, card selected via instructions and spelled to in rest of deck to find selected card
Karl Fulves Bingo Prediction posed as problem
Karl Fulves Psychometry 101 twelve envelopes with items, one of them by spectator, envelope selected from 3x4 matrix via instruction contains spectator's item
Karl Fulves Why Did The Chicken "Hex Squared can be made suitable for children under age 12."
Karl Fulves Hex Minus goal of the square is to prohibit spectator from reaching certain square, 12-card monte in which spectators cannot get to winning card
Karl Fulves 4 x 4 x 4 not only red & black, but 4 suits that are used in rules
Karl Fulves Gamble Ramble spectator choses cards in layout according to rules, black cards added and red subtracted, total predicted, four-way approach
Karl Fulves Percentage Poker performer and spectator draw hole card from face-up deck, then four cards chosen from 4x4 layout, even though spectator goes first he loses
Related to
  • "Swindle & Cheat" (1991)
Karl Fulves Night On Elm sixteen envelopes with addresses in 4x4 matrix, one selected according to rules (including diagonal movement), in selected envelope is description of spectator
Tony Bartolotta Thumb Tip Handling for Prediction
Karl Fulves Remote Sight twelve cards with states
Karl Fulves Altered States twelve cards with states, including variation "Altered States II"
Karl Fulves State of Mind twelve cards with states
Karl Fulves Alice Plays Chess Hex Squared variation in which spectator can rotate board and start on any color
Karl Fulves One-Minute Monopoly 4x4 square, see also Sam Schwarz idea on page 113 to lengthen the procedure
Karl Fulves Bell Ringer twelve objects arranged in square, spirit bell chosen and it rings
Karl Fulves The Lockshire Case cassette tape directing the moves
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