Written by Martin Breese
Work of Basil Horwitz
76 pages (Stapled), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by Eric Mason
Language: English
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Basil Horwitz Introduction
Basil Horwitz Challenge Poker Routine three phases
Also published here 1
Basil Horwitz Spectator's Clairvoyance & Spirit Test two spectators select same card, name of card appears on blank card, which is signed on both sides
Also published here 12
Cut Force
Basil Horwitz ESP Mindreading Plus Mindcontrol spectator divines ESP card of other spectator
Also published here 20
Basil Horwitz One Hundred and Forty Thousand Six Hundred and Eight to One with a number deck, number is selected unseen and put in envelope, playing card is selected and found at wished position in third deck, spectator can wish if counted from top or bottom
Also published here 30
Basil Horwitz Challenge Double Prediction Effect word from a book and a chosen card are predicted on two cards, window envelope
Also published here 41
Basil Horwitz Challenge Bank Note Mindreading several bills are collected and sealed in envelopes, spectator choses one and serial number is divined
VariationsAlso published here 57
Basil Horwitz Challenge Thought, Version II word and symbol written on cards and sealed in envelope, both are divined by performer
Related toVariationsAlso published here 65
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