Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

59 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Commugraphics.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Peter Kane Memory Jogger associating every playing card with a trick to remember one's repertoireVariations 2
Unknown Push Down Color Change deck face-up in left hand, left first finger pushes back bottom card, then finger pushes next card over it, two handlings for transformation
- removing the (double) card
- tapping the card
Rick Johnsson, Jerry Mentzer Push Down Vanish four cards, one vanishes 8
Unknown Push Down Transpo duplicate and Push Down Color Change 9
Unknown False Riffle Shuffle and Three Way Cut strip-out sequence with three packets 10
Unknown Triple Cut Control from hindu shuffle position with perpendicular packets
- as top stock control
- as bottom stock control
- as full deck control
Ray Kuhn The "Bordello" False Cut tabled, looks like a packet from the center was cut to the top, with a false single strip action 19
Jerry Mentzer Swivel Cut Palm 21
Unknown Arranged Prediction mis-calling prediction in case the classic or table spread force fails 24
Unknown Marked Cards Plus cutting named card to top, stacked and marked 27
Ralph W. Hull, Jerry Mentzer Method of Marking Cards for Bicycle Rider BackInspired by 29
Vic Trabucco Visual Change similar to Stanton's Pivot Change 32
Unknown One Way Cards one-way feature on Tally-Ho Circle Backs 34
Jerry Mentzer One Way Trickery short section intro 36
Unknown A) Card Stabbing 36
U. F. Grant B) using reversed one-way back card as key card 36
Theodore Annemann C) Related to 37
Unknown D) having force card marked on back, e.g. one-way deck 38
Paul Swinford One Card Up double cut for bottom to top, Erdnase break 38
Dr. Richard Cook Push Off-Reverse Cut double cut for bottom to top, left thumb does a push-off 42
Michael Boden Boden's Reverse reversing a card while showing top and bottom card, card in kind-of side-steal position and deck turned around it 44
Unknown An Easy Reverse card in ten-card packet chosen, cards shown one by one, it vanished, reappears reversed in packetRelated to 47
Ian Baxter Super Transposition Kings and Aces on table, one switched, rest follows 50
Unknown Veeser Concept Handling 51
Barry Govan Card Sharp Capers routine for Marlo-Gardner poker deal 53
Barry Govan Banker spectator stops the performer four times during overhand shuffle, bottom cards of those packets are Aces, slip shuffle 55
Jerry Mentzer, Roger Divella, Ed Smeal After Dunbury 57