Written by Doug Edwards

Work of Doug Edwards

50 pages (Paperback), published by Tannen Magic Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Doug Edwards Foreword 7
Doug Edwards Spell-It random card is spelled to find selection 9
Doug Edwards The Royal Finale card is found by spelling a random card, royal flush is produced as a kicker 12
Doug Edwards Coinelius four coins are apparently thrown at the deck, they change into a larger coin which is found under selection 14
Doug Edwards Check Mate mates of two cards are found 17
Doug Edwards Tipsy Turnover method to reverse all but top cards 19
Doug Edwards Mate Triumph explained in context of Tipsy Turnover, selection is placed aside then triumph and only card which remains reversed is mate of selection 20
Doug Edwards Riffle Force done in right hand, all cards reversed but top card 20
Doug Edwards The Hi-Lo Folding Cut six-fold flourish cut 22
Doug Edwards Fling Flam one handed second deal 26
Doug Edwards The Quad Switch Related to 28
Doug Edwards The Cut Up false cut, swing cuts holding several breaks at the same time 30
Doug Edwards Star Trik Inspired by 34
Unknown Top and Bottom Glimpse 34
Doug Edwards A Las Vegas Cut running false cut, top and bottom control 35
Doug Edwards The Turn-About reversal of one card in the center of the deck 37
Doug Edwards Emersion while deck is turned over 39
Doug Edwards Emersion - Card to Pocket in context of Emersion 40
Doug Edwards Abra-Card-Abra production of four Aces, Royal Flush Kicker 41
Doug Edwards Double-Card Spin-Out Move Benzais Cut with two cardsRelated to 42
Doug Edwards The Big Apple Twist Aces turn over, then chosen Ace changes into selection 44
Doug Edwards Appendix - Glossary brief description of different sleights 47