Written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
95 pages (Hardcover), published by Studio 52
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Benjamin Earl Studio52 Aesthetic Philosophy & Manifesto Ten Considerations for Progress, Delight and Mastery
Benjamin Earl Preface in-the-hands card magic
Benjamin Earl Stepping Stones
  • Step One: card pocketed is shown to be named card
  • Step Two: pocketed card transposes with a second named card in the hands
  • Step Three: "Be Honest" handling
Inspired by 1
Benjamin Earl Slow Roll with turnover choreography
Benjamin Earl M-Theory ambitious card, signature vanishes and reappears
Inspired by 23
Benjamin Earl Top Change Vanish using top-change dynamics to affect a visual vanish in the off-beat
Benjamin Earl The Erdnase Top Palm single card top palm, credit information
Inspired byRelated to 35
Benjamin Earl Technical Points about Palming rest positions, covers
Benjamin Earl Top Palm Replacement
Benjamin Earl The Riffle Force with break
Benjamin Earl A False Swing Cut straight false swing cut, triple cut mentioned
Related to 51
Benjamin Earl Breaking the Frame
Benjamin Earl The Art of Practice on practicing and practice methods involving feet, part two
  • Basic Rolling Drills
Benjamin Earl Influence & Deception chapter intro about Simon Henderson
Simon Henderson Anybody But a Magician?
  • Introduction
  • Thing About Magic That Do Not Translate Well into Other Domains of Deceptive Practice
  • Aspects of Deceptive Practice That Magic Fails to Address
  • What Aspects of Magic Can Be Transferred Readily to Other Domains?
  • What Can Magicians Learn from Deceptive Practice in Other Domains?
Benjamin Earl Afterword
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