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Justin Higham Foreword
More Spread-Count Stacks
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 3 drop stacking after royal flush has been palmed onto top
  • Prediction Versions
  • Full-House Version
  • Face-Down Version
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Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 4 drop stack
Justin Higham Spread-Count Poker 5 drop stack
Justin Higham 1-5-4 Poker partial stack and draw gets performer the royal flush
  • Full-House Version
Justin Higham 1-5-4 Pseudo Overhand Cull-Stack
Justin Higham 1-5-4 Blackjack drop stack
  • Version One
  • Version Two
  • End Notes
Justin Higham Spread-Count Hold 'em drop stack
Justin Higham Split Pick-Up Spread-Count Stack
  • For Brag
  • For Poker 1
  • For Poker 2
  • For Poker 3
  • For Poker 4
Justin Higham The Spread-Separation Concept credit information
  • Spread-Separation Cull-Stack
  • Seven-Card Full-House Combination Cull
Variations 11
Dylan Holmes Making the Rounds full house received after draw
  • JH Notes (Justin Higham)
Inspired by 13
Justin Higham Frank Lane Returns with drawing
Inspired by 15
Justin Higham Hold-Out Hold 'Em full house for performer
Benjamin Earl Pick-Up Restacking performer receives Aces, when hands are gathered, Aces are stacked again for next deal
  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three
Variations 17
Justin Higham Pick-Up Restacking - Method Four performer receives Aces, when hands are gathered, Aces are stacked again for next deal
Inspired by 20
Justin Higham Spread-Loaded Pseudo Centres
  • Method One
  • Method Two
Justin Higham Spread-Loaded Overhand Stack
Justin Higham Four Fantastic Centres
Inspired by 24
Edward Marlo Basic Bottom Deal
Justin Higham Extended Face-Up Poker Plus Sucker Hand
Inspired by 26
Justin Higham A Switch on the Three Jacks
Justin Higham 100% Poker Deals exploiting positions of good cards
  • The Ghost of Rakinakis
  • Other 100% Poker Deals
  • Conclusion
Justin Higham Alternatives for the Streamlined Overhand Cull-Stack
Inspired byRelated to 30
Justin Higham Prefigured Poker Deal impromptu
Inspired byRelated toVariations 31
Justin Higham Performer Fiddles While Spectator Burns three phase routine, faro
Ian "Sav" Saville Appendix I: Sav on the Full-House Deal - An Object-Lesson in Creating Meaning, Context and Presentation
Related to 38
Justin Higham Appendix II: Notes on Pseudo Cheating Demos and Effects further thoughts on references routines
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Justin Higham Direct Named Centers
Inspired by 40
Justin Higham Mini Faro, Challenge Centres
Inspired by 40
Justin Higham Mini Faro, Four Hands
Inspired by 40
Justin Higham No Faro Hold 'em
Inspired by 41
Justin Higham Not Seeing Double
Inspired by 41
Justin Higham BDC Face-Up Poker
Inspired by 44
Roger Crosthwaite Adjusted Deal-Yourself-First Ruse
Inspired byVariations 45
Justin Higham ADYF Bottom Deals
Inspired by 45
Danny Rosenbaum Five Mustaches
Justin Higham Two Shufflers - Second Method no faro
Inspired by 46
Justin Higham Two-Phase Shuffling Lesson
Inspired by 46
Justin Higham Transposition Gag two cards keep transposing with Daley switch
Justin Higham The "Appearing" Poker Hand additional hand is brought into play that was not actually dealt
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Inspired by 48
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